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Meet BASH Boxing, a game-changing Group Fitness experience.

Our Workout
Our Workout

Our Workout

Feel the beat. Pack the punch.

First timer or vet, we know everyone was once a beginner; and at BASH we’re all in this together. For 45 fast-flying minutes, boxing conditioning is our #1 focus! Using free weights, med balls, resistance bands, and our joint-safe Aqua Bag, BASH Boxing will build lean muscle, improve overall endurance, and torch calories round after round.

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BASH Coaches don’t just teach, they invest. They focus their magnetic energy on your advancement. They celebrate the small victories, revel in the large ones, and inspire us to level up. Prepare to maximize your workout, challenge your limits, and feel stronger with every jab!

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BASH is a local community with big dreams. We work hard on our goals and love hard on our people. Our team is in your corner, and together we create results- on and off the bag.

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