Feel the Beat.
Pack the punch.

Lights go down. Music comes up.

First timer or fitness vet, we know that everyone was once a beginner; and at BASH we’re all in this together. Using timed boxing intervals & joint-safe Aqua Punching Bags on side of the room + the best in fitness equipment to fuel a high energy functional workout on the other – BASH is the ultimate full-body burn. Our program is designed to help you move better while you’re sweatin’ with us & throughout your daily life. With three daily focuses – endurance, strength, & power – no two workouts are ever the same here at BASH. Add in our state-of-the-art sound & lighting and you’ll find an experience that you won’t soon forget.

Bag Side

Beginner-friendly Boxing Heat.

Using the fundamentals of the sweet science & our 6 core punches – we practice & progress timed boxing combos built to target your arms, upper body, & core with an unbelievable heart pumping & addictive cardio session. Plus, you’ll learn the fundamentals of the sport from the best in the biz!

Floor Side

High Energy Total Body Conditioning.

Combining the best of HIIT, strength training, & MetCon – our science-backed floor side program is built different, just like you. Using weights, med balls, resistance bands, & the power of your own bodyweight – your Coach will push & inspire you to become better, stronger, faster – every day.


BASH’s 6 Core Punches.

The #BASHFam

Here for your story.

BASH Coaches don’t just teach, they invest. They focus their magnetic energy on your advancement. They celebrate the small victories, revel in the large ones, and inspire us all to #LevelUp. Our mission is to create communities built on inclusivity, rooted in diversity, that inspire humanity – and we take that mission seriously.

We invite all backgrounds & skill levels to join us as we push towards becoming stronger together. Many gyms say it, few do it. We’re here for your growth – one jab at a time.


Your journey starts here.

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