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Boxing favors the relentless, and that’s exactly what our Co-Founder, Alex, is.

Determined and relentless in the pursuit of her dreams. The dream this decade? You’re about to be standing in it.

Where Alex goes, her magnetic presence follows. This professional dancer turned badass southpaw redefines what it means to be “in your corner.” You’ll feel her rhythmic energy keeping you motivated round after round. She’ll push you hard, but support you harder. She has poured her heart and soul into BASH Boxing, and sharing it with you brings that passion to life.

Welcome to the dream.

You’ll find Alex before class in the lobby or at the front desk wanting to learn your name, and then using it in class to drive you closer to a feeling of release and connection to yourself you didn’t know you needed. Fair warning: she’s not one for the faint of heart, so get ready to work. With that work however, comes a coach that truly supports you in every way imaginable. Let’s get it Fam!

What Inspires Me

Whatever your jab may be - it doesn't entitle you to land your hook, but it allows you to have the audacity to ask.