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Bogota’s very own. Coach Nick (but you can call him Nicky), is a Jersey boy through and through. Along with those irresistible baby blues, he’s bringing that made-for-the-stage, garden state energy to Rosslyn! And If he had it his way, he’d bring some REAL bagels and pizza with him, too.

A true fitness fanatic, Nicky Robbins is constantly moving. Whether it’s training for his next marathon, getting weights up at the gym, or hiking the best trails in his now second home – his obsession with staying active & feeling great inspires us all. Although – looking great may also be a top priority of his, as he’s been known to catch an extended mirror flex on more than one occasion.

Nick believes in building deep and meaningful relationships both inside and outside of the studio – so don’t hesitate to introduce yourself the first chance you get – even though we’re pretty sure he’ll beat you to it!

Train with Nicky

What Inspires Me

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.