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This local gal has Northern Virginia’s Sweetheart written all over her…that is until G-EAZY is on the track. Coach TAY may have left her amateur guitar playing and heel flip days with the rest of her Sk8ter giRL vibe in 2002, BUT she’s bringing HIGH ENERGY and loads of swag to the BASH Ballston stage in 2020.

This petite powerhouse has a passion for people unlike one we’ve ever seen. Along with her obsession for boxing (and it being the greatest sport ever created), Coach Taylor’s drive towards living an active and well-balanced lifestyle is felt through every minute of her class.

Prepare to be moved by her energy and inspired by her vibe, as it’s Taylor’s mission to help you achieve every last one of your goals at BASH…and ideally have you feel the need to bust out a few dance moves along the way!

What Inspires Me

Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right - Henry Ford