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Feel the beat.

Pack the punch.



The Results

Our science-backed program is specifically designed to engage members for extended periods of time, progressing consistently, leading to real, noticeable results. Our workout is purposeful, specific, & engineered for scaling.

The Community

BASH’S end-to-end experience is crafted to welcome consumers of any background & skill level into an inclusive and engaging environment. BASH prides itself on establishing long term relationships with its members, and maintaining a sense of camaraderie, collaboration, and support.

The Team

The experience our Coaches, Associates, & Management Team deliver is unlike any other. The high energy performances, dedicated customer service, & fearless leadership create a unique product & experience that cannot be replicated.


CEO | Co-Founder & Owner

Coach, BASH Boxing

Checkin’ In

With The Boss

Checkin’ In With The Boss

We believe that BASH has the power to change lives on a grand scale. We believe that with our science-backed program, deeply ingrained mission & values, elite leadership & talent teams, and efficient business model – we can scale this brand effectively to a myriad of markets, attracting an extensive range of consumers.

BASH is more than a gym, more than a workout, and more than a business. It’s a home to so many that need one. When reading this, and the rest of our story – I hope you identify with pieces of it, hear the needs of YOUR community, and feel connected to something big – because you are about to be.

Why You Should Start a Franchise Business

Exceptional HQ & Field Support

Best in Class Product

Efficient & Scalable Business Model

Proven Sales & Retention Method

Customized Management Software

Clear & Consistent Brand Standards

So now it’s time to grow – because the rest of the country should know what this feels like. We move in the hopes of providing a home for the misfits, the outsiders, the warriors & everyone in between.

Alex Trakas, CEO

Let’s Talk Numbers

What is the initial investment?

The initial cost of opening a franchise ranges from $450K to $1.2M. The range will vary significantly depending on your market and your location.

What is the franchise fee?
Our Initial Franchise Fee is $40,000 for a single unit franchise. For Multi-Office developers, there is a discount depending on the number of locations.
What is the royalty?
7.5% of gross sales.
What are your advertising fees?

Our current Brand Fund contribution is 2% of gross sales.

What’s next?


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We are searching for the next pillars of our community that can match our energy, align with our objectives, and inspire others around them. Our team is dedicated to attracting the highest potential franchisees, providing them with industry-best support and training, and continuing to build the BASH brand nationwide. Sound like you?