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Coach Masters prides himself on living life to the absolute fullest.

You’ll often find him sharing a YOLO story or two because as he says..”You only get one shot, so you might as well push it to the limit!”

This southern gent is more than just a glass-half-full kind of guy, as he has a way of supporting everyone around him with strong and authentic sincerity. Richie has worked hard to achieve his goal of becoming a BASH Coach, so he knows the true meaning of ‘the grind’, and sees perseverance as the hard work you do AFTER the hard work you’ve already done. Coach Masters has a different appreciation than most for what it means to stand on the BASH stage & lead this room, and it’s here where his true passion lives. He was born to motivate people and to show them the greatness within themselves. ALL ABOARD the Coach Masters Party Train from start to finish!

What Inspires Me

You only get one shot! ..So you might as well push it to the limit!