Frequently Asked Questions


When should I arrive for my first class?

For your first time, be sure to arrive to the studio AT LEAST 20 minutes before your scheduled class to ensure all of your paperwork is in order and to receive a studio tour from your Coach! During that time, your Coach will give you a brief overview of the day’s workout and check in about any injuries you may have. If you do not arrive at least 20 minutes early, our staff reserves the right to refuse entry into class, return your class credit to your account, and help you get rescheduled for another class – as this is for your safety & out of respect for our other participants’ experience.

What do I need for class?

Gloves, wraps, workout clothes, and sneakers.

Do I need to bring my own gloves & hand wraps?

All participants are required to have hand wraps and boxing gloves to take class – so if you have some, bring ‘em! If not, NO WORRIES – we got you! We sell both traditional ($30) & quick hand wraps ($15) and offer boxing glove rentals ($5)!

What should I wear?

You’re going to sweat! Wear exercise apparel with athletic shoes. Be sure to choose something you can move around in with ease! Shoes are required at all times.

Do I need to bring my own water?

You can if you’d like! We have water-bottle filling stations if ya need – but we also sell water ($3) at the front desk.

I hear there is music BUMPIN’ & lights FLASHIN’! Is this true?!

Yes! Our state-of-the-art audio and lighting systems generate some SERIOUS energy in class, but please let a staff member or your Coach know before class if you have any sensitivity to flashing lights or loud music. As always, you are encouraged to consult a physician before partaking in any activity with BASH Boxing.

You mentioned that no experience is necessary, but what am I getting myself into?!

BASH is for everyone – truly! At the start of class your BASH Coach will guide you through everything you need to know to be successful during your workout – including the BASH Six Core Punches! Plus, throughout class your BASH Coach will be there to provide you with further instruction & personalized attention to help you maximize your sweat – while keeping you safe!

All exercises & combos will be demoed, and you are free to work at your own pace! There’s no fancy footwork needed, and after a couple of rounds on the bags – the moves will become second nature.

I haven’t been very active lately – can I still BASH?

Oh yeah, we’ve got you. Our Coaches are trained extensively in providing safe & engaging modifications to any exercises you may be having trouble with, so if you’re worried – check in with your Coach, and they’ll take care of ya.

Plus – you can take class at your own pace always. Need a break? Take it champ.

About BASH

Why boxing?! What are the benefits?

Boxing improves overall cardiovascular health, improves your total body composition, and is proven to decrease stress and build self-confidence.

What’s the class format?

Each standard BASH class is 45 minutes – beginning with a shadowbox round where your Coach will walk you through your BASH boxing stance and our 6 core punches. Following that, you’ll launch into a 5-7 minute warmup, getting you ready to safely tackle the day’s workout! Then you’ll work through four 5-8 minute blocks – spending half of your time on the bag-side and the other half on the floor side. Finally, we’ll close out class with a mindful 2-3 minute stretch before you’re on your way!

What’s the workout like?

Here at BASH we feature 3 daily focuses – endurance, strength, and power – rotating consecutively, providing a unique theme to each day’s BASH classes. Based on the day’s theme, you’ll work through timed intervals on the bag side with heart-pumping boxing combos & active recoveries – while on the floor side, you’ll use weights, medicine balls, resistance bands, & the power of your own bodyweight to complete a science-backed functional workout. Everything will be demonstrated for you by your Coach, and we’ll have your combos & exercises projected on the wall for you to follow along as your Coach guides you through each BASH block. Our workout is full body in nature, so check in with us 3-4 times a week, and you’ll have yourself a complete exercise program plus an addictive new hobby!

Do you have an intro class?

Yes! You’ll find a class labeled ‘BASH 101’ on our schedule where we review the fundamentals & drill the basics! It’s not a pre-req for our standard class, but if you’re new to the fam – it definitely helps!

Do you have lockers, bathrooms, showers?!

Our studios have lockers for you to use that feature built in locks to keep your things safe! We’ve got ya covered with bathrooms stocked with some clutch amenities, and we have a couple of private showers ready for you to use before you head back out!

Policies & Procedures

How do I book a class?

First, make sure you log on to bash-boxing.com or download the BASH app and create an account. Once that’s done – pick your location, navigate to the class schedule, pick your class time, and choose the bag or floor spot you want to start on.

If you don’t already have class credits or a membership, you’ll be prompted to grab some (or only one if you’d like!). From there, you’ll confirm your reservation and receive an email with all of the helpful information you need!

How do I check in to my class?

You can either log in to your BASH app on your iOS or Android device and check-in once you’re on-site, or you can stop by the front desk and give them your name.

How does the waitlist work?

If a class is full, you’ll have the option to join the waitlist. If a spot in class opens up, waitlisted BASHers will be placed into class automatically. If you’re on the waitlist and make it into class, you’ll receive an email confirming your spot & your account will show you your spot! If you don’t get in, your class credit will be returned to your account.

If added into class at least one hour before start time, our late cancellation & no-show policies apply – but if a spot opens up within an hour of class start time, we’ll check in with you first to make sure you can attend before giving you the spot. Either way, we suggest only signing up for the waitlist if you plan on making the class. If you know you can’t, take yourself off the list and give another BASH Boxer the change to sweat!

It’s not my first time – so when should I show up for class?

For returning clients, including members, guests, and pack holders, you must be physically present at the start of your scheduled in-person class or your spot may be given to a waitlisted client, and you will be charged a no-show fee =[.

No one will be permitted entry to class beyond 4 minutes of the class’s start time.

What are the no-show & late cancellation policies?

If you need to cancel class – we get it, but make sure you do so at least 12 hours before start time. If you end up cancelling within that window, you’ll lose your class credit & will be charged a late cancellation fee.

If you no-show your class, you’ll forfeit your class credit and be charge a no-show fee. Check out your welcome email for details or chat with our team for more info.

I need a break – can I freeze my membership?

Yup! We offer 2 freezes per year, for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 90 days. When you freeze your account the fee is $15 per month. For more information, reach out to [email protected].

My class was great! Do you have group rates for private events or classes?

We do! For private one-on-one or group classes, please contact us at [email protected].

Is there an age limit to sign up for class?

To participate, you must be 13 years old or older. Ages 13-15 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, and ages 16-17 may participate with parent or guardian signature.

Can I participate if I am pregnant?

We always recommend that anyone who is pregnant or is trying to get pregnant consult with their doctor before coming to class. If you are pregnant, and it is your first time, please notify a front desk member so we can notify your BASH coach.